Local members and collaborators, 2021

Research group

Corinne Bowers


Topic: Assessing and managing atmospheric-river-induced flood risk

Rodrigo Costa

Stanford Urban Resilience Initiative Postdoctoral Scholar

Topic: Probabilistic models for assessing the effects of natural disasters on communities

Jenny Levitt

Undergraduate researcher

Topic: Validation of rapid mapped estimates of earthquake damage

Omar Issa


Topic: Engineering modeling for assessing and optimizing resilience at building-level and regional scales

Neal Simon Kwong

USGS Mendenhall Postdoctoral Scholar, advisors Kishor Jaiswal, Nico Luco, Jack Baker, Kristin Ludwig

Topic: Bringing USGS earthquake science to risk assessment of critical U.S. infrastructure

Rodrigo Silva Lopez


Topic: Risk assessment of distributed transportation networks

Emily Mongold


Topic: Regional risk assessment considering earthquake ground shaking and tsunamis


Former PhD students and Postdocs

Gitanjali Bhattacharjee (PhD, 2021)


Currently at Exponent

Thesis: Seismic risk mitigation strategies for complex regional transport networks

Lynne Burks (PhD, 2014)


Currently at Sandia National Laboratories

Thesis: Ground motion simulations: validation and application for civil engineering problems

Reagan Chandramohan (PhD, 2016)

Co-advisors: Greg Deierlein and Jack Baker

Currently at University of Canterbury

Thesis: Effect of long duration ground motions on structural performance

Yilin Chen (PhD, 2021)


Currently at Twitter

Thesis: Geostatistical and network analysis of non-stationary spatial variation in ground motion amplitudes

Gemma Cremen (PhD, 2019)


Currently at University College London

Topic: Analysis, Evaluation, and Improvement of Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering Damage and Loss Predictions

Beliz Ugurhan Gokkaya (PhD, 2015)

Co-advisors: Greg Deierlein and Jack Baker

Currently at Facebook

Thesis: Seismic reliability assessment of structures incorporating modeling uncertainty and implications for seismic collapse safety

Camilo Gomez (Postdoctoral researcher, 2014-2016)


Currently at University de los Andes

Topic: Characterization of complex infrastructure networks for decision-making

Abhineet Gupta (PhD, 2017)


Currently at One Concern

Thesis: Quantifying temporally-varying induced seismicity hazard and regional risk: Statistical approaches and application in Oklahoma

Anne Hulsey (PhD, 2020)

Co-advisors: Greg Deierlein and Jack Baker

Currently at University of Auckland

Thesis: Quantifying The community impact of post-earthquake safety decisions based on damage to tall buildings and elevated hazard due to aftershocks

Nirmal Jayaram (PhD, 2010)


Currently at Google

Thesis: Probabilistic seismic lifeline risk assessment using efficient sampling and data reduction techniques

Christophe Loth

David Lallemant (Postdoctoral researcher, 2016-2017)

Primary advisor: Anne Kiremidjian. Co-advisors: Jack Baker and Greg Deierlein

Currently at Nanyang Technological University

Topic: Disaster risk modeling in rapidly changing urban environments

Ting Lin (PhD, 2012)


Currently at Texas Tech University

Thesis: Advancement of hazard consistent ground motion selection methodology

Sabine Loos (PhD, 2021)

Co-advisors: David Lallemant and Jack Baker

Currently at U.S. Geological Survey

Thesis: Mapping post-disaster need: Flexible approaches to rapidly estimate building damage and non-recovery for vulnerable populations

Christophe Loth

Christophe Loth (PhD, 2014)


Currently at Google

Thesis: Multivariate ground motion intensity measure models, and implications for structural reliability assessment

Maryia Markhvida (PhD, 2019)


Currently at The World Bank

Thesis: Towards seismic resilience: a comprehensive approach to modeling earthquake consequences from regional hazard to household well-being

Mahalia Miller (PhD, 2014)


Currently at Google

Thesis: Seismic risk assessment of complex transportation networks

Hyeuk Ryu (Postdoctoral researcher, 2008-2010)


Currently at Geoscience Australia

Research topics: Converting HAZUS capacity curves into fragility functions for risk assessment using PSHA, and Magnitude estimation of historical earthquakes using structural fragility functions

Andrew Seifried (PhD, 2013)


Currently at Lettis Consultants International

Thesis: Response spectrum compatibilization and its impact on structural response assessment

Katy Serafin (Postdoctoral Researcher, 2017-2019)

Primary advisor: Jenny Suckale. Co-advisors: Jack Baker and Jeff Koseff


Currently at University of Florida

Topic: Compounding flood hazards in a changing climate

Shrey Shahi (PhD, 2013)


Currently at Robinhood

Thesis: A probabilistic framework to include the effects of near-fault directivity in seismic hazard assessment

Ganyu Teng (PhD, 2021)


Currently at Amazon

Topic: Short-term hazard analysis in the presence of induced seismicity

Victor Victorsson (PhD, 2011)

Primary advisor: Greg Deierlein. Co-advisors: Jack Baker and Helmut Krawinkler

Currently at Swiss Re

Thesis: The reliability of capacity-designed components in seismic resistant systems

Yoshifumi Yamamoto (PhD, 2011)


Currently at Guidewire

Thesis: Stochastic model for earthquake ground motion using wavelet packets

Jason Wu (PhD, 2017)


Currently at Thornton Tomasetti

Topic: End-to-End Seismic Risk Analysis Framework for the Identification of Infrastructure Network Retrofits

Adam Zsarnóczay (Visiting Scholar, 2017-2018)


Currently at NHERI SimCenter

Topic: Uncertainty quantification for seismic risk analysis


Other former research students

Mariano Balbi

Karen Barns

Tamika Bassman

Julie Clarke

Samuel Cortes

Yang Dang

Yiwen Dong

Jorenne Flores

Jen Foschaar

Jessica Jacobo

Sara Jozefiak

Cynthia Lee

Ji Yun Lee

Jiate Li

Tong Liu

Jeltsin Obregon

Joshua Salas

Jaewon Saw

Bo Shen

Kei Tomozawa

Ju-Young Shin

Ethan Thomson

Chenbo Wang

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